A Celebration of Blend

From the original triple blend Irish whiskey

Blend is Beautiful

Blend is your unique story. Your celebration of diversity, immigration, or overcoming social challenges in the pursuit of life.

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We want to hear it all. Where you’re from, how you found your way, how far you’ve come (personally and professionally and beyond!), and what you’ve had to overcome to make it all possible.

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Today and every other day We Celebrate Blend

Below are celebrations of blend. Blended backgrounds, stories of diversity, social, economic, and cultural challenges that were overcome.

Alain’s Blend Story Thanks to his upbringing as a Mexican-born United States citizen with a French name, Alain is open-minded to other cultures and blends.#iamblend #sweepstakes @tullamoredewus#iamblend #sweeps 3rd generation America with several European countries—me on the left #hhphotocontest2017…I know a lot of people say… it’s on the inside that counts and you define who or what you are. But have you every…#iamblend #sweepstakes@tullamoredewus #iamblend #sweepstakesWe are all a blend of different nationalities, traditions and cultures. Imagine yourself as a dish, composed of a… . @tullamoredewus, the Original Triple Blend Irish Whiskey, helped me learn about my blend, which gave me a deeper…#iamblend #sweepstakesThis is the result of my DNA #myheritage A personal bottle of @tullamoredew + 2 can of german beer, 1 can of danish…Recently handed in a DNA sample to test my heritage. Turns out #iamblend 🥃🍻 Shem’s Blend Story Shem was raised in a diverse religious family that was accepting of others., He hopes to pass down the importance of religious traditions and acceptance of others to his children one day.About a month ago @tullamoredew invited me to take part in their #iamblend initiative. I was offered the possibility to…Follow @shaunta_ferro_659 — For more of the worlds greatest travel places follow @shaunta_ferro_659 — When I think…Sippin Santa is making all of my half—Jewish tropical Christmas dreams come true #sippinsanta #iamblendTullamore D.E.W. Original Triple Blend #tullamoredew #tripleblend #irish #whiskey #iamblend #noirishneedapply #dannyboy…Great message! @tullamoredew #dannyboy #iamblend@tullamoredewus With my family! Family cookouts are part of my blend #iamblend #sweepstakes@tullamoredewus #iamblend #sweepstakesHere are the result @tullamoredew i am a 94% blend viking—so i need to win, so i can go out in the world and get blend…Received a parcel from @tullamoredew with a DNA test and 3 minature whiskeys. Gonna find out if I’m really 100% Irish…… We are still waiting for our test…zzzz 😂😂 @tullamoredew #whoami #amiblend? #iamblend #tullemore #tullemoredew… Dor’s Blend Story Moving to NYC was a culture shock after growing up in Wisconsin. But it opened up opportunities for Dor to interact with different people.I recently tried one of those DNA analysis services where they tell you where you’re from— I was surprised to find out…Predominantly Celtic roots—but a smidgeon of Greek in the DNA #iamblendI’m a blended baby/adult—my Dad is Chinese and my Mum is Irish so when I was sent a DNA kit by @tullamoredew to…Meet my new best friend. #iamblendAre you in there 📱@tullamoredew 😳🤪 #whoami #amiblend? #iamblend #tullemore #tullemoredew — #instagood #me #cute… #iamblend @tullamoredew #dna That is definitely a blend @tullamoredew!! #iamblend #findyourblend #iamblend turns out I am not as Scottish as I thought. 😱.Just got my Ethnicity Estimate on MyHeritage DNA @tullamoredew Now what to drink? 🤔 #iamblend #dna #myheritagednaI am blend @tullamoredew #whoami #amiblend? #iamblend #tullemore #tullemoredew — #instagood #me #cute #photooftheday… Eugene’s Blend Story Eugene grew up as an adopted kid in his white town, and his environment led him to be welcoming, open and affirming of other people. The results are in and I am 96.7% Irish,Scottish,Welsh and 3.3%Finnish! Thanks @tullamoredew for inviting me to share…The latest addition to my bar and just found out about this cool thing Tullamore D.E.W. and #myheritagedna are doing… It looks like I’ll be finding out just what I’m made of very soon! #iamblend thanks @tullamoredewjq #dnaToday I received this in the mail, looks like I’ll finally be finding out what I’m actually made of! #iamblend…Not everyday you get a DNA kit in the post. Like every bottle of @tullamoredew we are all blended. I am looking forward… What a time to be alive… 1) Day off to finish college project 2) Going to my first ever #icoty Awards later #freshmeat… #iamblend @wbliquors @tullamoredewusD.E.W. & a Brew @tullamoredew, the evil twins 🍺🥃😋 #whoami #amiblend? #iamblend #evil #twins # tullemore…Wednesday Morning gifts are the best of all. Thanks so much to @tullamorekevin, I can’t wait to see how culchie I…French? German? Irish? Scandinavian? Native American? Idk our exact mix, but I definitely love our blend. #iamblend… Christina’s Blend Story Cristina related to many different cultures, but wasn’t sure where she fit in. After taking a DNA test, she discovered the truth about her blended background.@tullamoredew i am looking forward to see my Danish blend ☺️👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼 #whoami #amiblend? #iamblend… Growing up playing ball in NYC w/amazing diverse ppl of all cultures gave me the opportunity to learn & grow…I’m happy to support @tullamoredewus (the original triple blend Irish whiskey!) in showcasing the art of the their…MY ANCESTRY RESULTS ARE IN!!! Looks like I have a few more places to #travel and #connect to #nigeria #sierraleone…@tullamoredew I’m not even half Irish! #iamblend @tullamoredew Look at this for a heady mix!!! #iamblendSo my #iamblend DNA results came back, and they did not disappoint!!! @tullamoredew#iamblend thank you Tullamore D.E.W.! Not sure what happened to my English blood but love my Scottish and Irish roots!Looks like the Dohertys/Dwyers were no match for my grandmothers’ strong Puritan/Eastern European genes. Also who knew…I have to say… about 30% of this was a complete surprise! Thanks to @tullamoredewus for enabling me to discover my… Roger’s Blend Story Music, food and neighbors. Roger shares his blend story as a first-generation son of Cuban and Colombian immigrants.#iamblend Excited to confirm I am Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Northern European and Somali!My results from @myheritage_official. Celtic, Nigerian, Scandinavian, Middle Eastern, Maasai, Sierra Leonian warrior…Moment of truth! Im technically Irish/Nigerian/Scandanavian/MiddleEastern/Guinean! Thank you @tullamoredew #iamblendWho am i @tullamoredew, am i blend? #whoami #amiblend? #iamblend — #instagood #me #cute #photooftheday #instamood #tbt…Who am i??? @tullamoredew—the beauty of blend. #whoami #amiblend? #iamblend — #instagood #me #cute #photooftheday…At Tullamore D.E.W—Beauty og Blend ☺️😋 @tullamoredew #iamblend #instagood #me #cute #photooftheday #instamood #tbt…No longer have to respond with “umm… a mix of a lot of things?” when asked about my background. Definitely one of the…Taste is only one of the reasons @tullamoredewus is my go—to when I’m at the liquor store #iamblend https://youtu.be…Tullamore D.E.W—Beauty of blend #tullemoredew #iamblendWhen you get whisky in the afternoon. 🙀🥃 #tullamore #tullamoredew #primetime #whisky #drink #ups #mylifestyle… Camille’s Blend Story It’s a celebration every day to be who you are. Camille shares why she’s proud of her blend story.Thanks to @tullamoredew, I’m going to find out what I am. @myheritage_official #iamblend 91.2% #irish #scottish #welsh & 1.2% #asian explains the height! 7.6% East European explains the tan! #iamblend… United Colours of @kubrickfilm—@vjassaled producer, Stil Williams DOP and @francofilms_uk @bafta #iamblend…I have this to look forward to when my BK adventure is done and I get back to Ireland, a special delivery from…Homemade Tully ice cream? Seconds please! 🇮🇪🍦🥃 #tully #whiskey #whiskeytasting #tastingdinner #chef #flights…My 99 year old grandfather. I’d love to track our family tree. It seems we have family from all over #iamblend…|| #tullamoredewus || ⠀ #shareyourstory · Partnerting with @tullamoredewus to share my story and show how the blend of…Intense…for no reason at all lol 😘✌🏽#she #is #proudtobeanamerican #with #cameroonian #french #finnish #nigerian…Drinking Tullamore D.E.W. in the Tullamore D.E.W. Factory in Tullamore, Ireland. #iamblendDrinking and drilling #iamblend #sweepstakes @tullamoredewus Alain’s Blend Story Thanks to his upbringing as a Mexican-born United States citizen with a French name, Alain is open-minded to other cultures and blends.When I think about my city, I think about culture. Growing up in Queens exposed me to all types of ethnicities that…When I think about my city, I think about culture. Growing up in Queens exposed me to all types of ethnicities that…Looking all dark and bloody… once again 📸 @41ain killing it at the Beauty of Blend Launch in New York! #iamblend… Blending in and Standing Out with Tullamore D.E.W.Being inspired is what gets me up in the morning. Everyday I am inspired by the little normalities of life some may… Excited to find out a bit more about our ancestry with @tullamoredew @myheritage #iamblend @tullamoredewjqCan’t wait to find out a little bit more about our ancestry with @tullamoredew and @myheritage_official we’ll keep you… The Beauty of Blend is everywhere. #iamblend No Irish need apply… #iamblend I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do one of these DNA tests!Thank you @tullamoredew ! Wait til you see the heady genetic mix I come… Shem’s Blend Story Shem was raised in a diverse religious family that was accepting of others., He hopes to pass down the importance of religious traditions and acceptance of others to his children one day. I’m not Irish but #iamblend. Off to see @officialsting soon. Apparently this box is going to help me discover what I’ve always believed…I’m one third pirate. I’ll update later…So glasses up, and all say aye! #iamblend #tullamoredew #irish #whiskeyCharde and I were born in the wrong country 💚💚💚… #iamblend #noirishneedapply #irish #ireland #dublin #traveler…When your shoes match your whiskey = commitment…🥃🍀… #tullamoredew #iamblend #tripleblend #rumfinish #15year #trilogy… OK @tullamoredew thanks for the Heritage Test! Let’s find out what I’m made of! #iamblend #tullamoredewEnjoyed by all since 1829. That’s the Beauty of Blend. #iamblendIt’s fun looking back and seeing where you’ve come from—for me, my family came from Ireland and made a new life in the…Excited to get started on my @myheritage DNA kit. #iamblend #tullamoredew @tullamoredew Cheers for this @tullamoredew ! Might ring the family now to warn them im finding out about my heritage 😂😂 #iamblend Dor’s Blend Story Moving to NYC was a culture shock after growing up in Wisconsin. But it opened up opportunities for Dor to interact with different people. Bet I literally only have Irish roots, let’s see… 👀 thanks @tullamoredew #iamblend Finding out my heritage thanks to @tullamoredew If I’m adopted now would be the time to tell me, Ma #iamblendGenuinely so excited to finally share Tullamore D.E.W.'s new campaign, the Beauty of Blend. Proud to be part of such an… Tullamore D.E.W. celebrates blend—in our whiskey and in our world. Introducing: The Beauty of Blend. #iamblendVery exciting day with the launch of our new @tullamoredew global campaign 🥃 Can’t wait to find out my own unique… Lovely treat this morning @tullamoredew excited to try out this @my Heritage DNA kit #iamblend Hoping for Viking roots…A Ireland’s rich #whiskey tradition is well highlighted in a wee blending session with @tullamoredew, showing off grain…Blending Irish style tonight #whiskey #whisky #iamblend @tullamoredewus

Alain’s Blend Story

Being born in Mexico to an American family who gave you a French name doesn’t really make you feel like you belong anywhere.

M y name is Alain Hain and I was born in Acapulco, Mexico. I associate with the people around me more than I associate with a specific country. Because of my background and upbringing and heritage, I am more open-minded to other cultures and blends. I’m proud to be a United States citizen but at the same time, I’m proud to be a citizen of the world.

Shem’s Blend Story

It’s good to identify with who you are and identify with your people, but it’s also good to understand that at the end of the day, we are all human.

M y name is Shem Blum. I’m Scottish, Welsh, Northern European, Greek, and half of my ancestry is Russian-Hungarian. My mother’s side was Catholic, and my father’s side was Jewish. Making sure those different traditions are carried through is important to them, and it’s something that I’ll hopefully pass down to younger generations. Most of us are blends of a lot of different nationalities, traditions, rituals and religions, and most people who live in America are immigrants from some other part of the world. It’s important to identify with who you are and who your people are but also understand and accept others.

Dor’s Blend Story

I have hope one day we can live in a society that is blended & equal.

M y name is Dor Ameir. I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but I live in Brooklyn, New York. My background is African American and I grew up in a very Afro-centric family, so we really connected with our culture and our background. On both sides of my family, my grandparents were involved in the civil rights movement. I always felt that the whole idea of who we are as black people. Felt that being black was an important part of our family’s heritage, our culture, and and our being.There’s a little bit of black people in everything: technology, clothing, music, and entertainment. Growing up, I didn’t have the chance to interact with other races. Living in New York City now has been a culture shock, I see people of all different types of ethnicities. As cultures blend together, i just see more understanding and acceptance of values.

Eugene’s Blend Story

Whoever nurtures you, whoever brought you up—that’s your family.

M y name is Eugene Steficek. I grew up in a small city in northern New Jersey. As an adopted black kid growing up in a white town, whoever nurtures you, whoever brought you up - that’s family. My mom who raised me will always be my mom. I try to live my life as a person who is welcoming, very open, affirming of other people. This is what my upbringing taught me.

Christina’s Blend Story

Explore and fall in love with a great mixture of people.

M y name is Christina Labrador and I was born and raised on Long Island. Growing up Puerto Rican, I always heard stories about my culture, my heritage, where my ancestors came from. I’m so fascinated by where I’m from and how my family arrived…I get mistaken for a lot of different things. I recently completed a DNA test and learned that I’m 29% Iberian Peninsula, 12% African, 5% Irish, 11% British, 5% Ashkenazi. Knowing this helped me cope with feelings of being a cultural outsider as I grew up. Today, I love all cultures because I feel like I can relate to many of them for some reason. The results gave me the validation to think “I’m one of you, and kinda one of you too.”

Roger’s Blend Story

People come from everywhere, it’s just the way of the world.

M y name is Roger Guerrero. My father is from Cuba and my mother is from Colombia. My mom is actually Afro-Colombian and my dad is more of a European blend. I’m first generation, born in the US. My parents’ customs are still very strong. They left Cuba and Colombia to give us a better life. My brother and I were the first ones in our family to go to college. Since I was a child, I was exposed to a lot of people from a lot of different places. The apartment building that I lived in was full of first generation immigrants. My father was the superintendent of the building, so everyone would get together in our apartment. It was a melting pot of different cultures. It was definitely an interesting blend.

Camille’s Blend Story

I’ve been confused for every race on the planet.

M y name is Camille Workman. I am a mix of black, white, and Native American, German, Irish, Polish, French…and a little bit of Cuban. I wasn’t raised as an African American, I wasn’t raised as a Native American, I wasn’t raised as a Cuban or a French woman. I was told how to be a person of the world and really enjoy all of the cultures that my various family members have contributed to my heritage. I’m so lucky, I’m what the world is going to be in generations to come, just a mix of all the people on the planet.

The Original Triple Blend

Our very own Blend story starts with the Irish immigrants who stopped at nothing to introduce the first Irish blend—one that brought people together and was enjoyed by all.

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Oh, Danny Boy

The film returns to Danny, one of our four heroes from the Parting Glass, who has moved to America to take over his father’s traditional Irish bar. Here his customers are his friends, and they are representative of the rich cultural diversity of modern New York.

Danny Boy captures a moment of tension, tease and love between a man, his wife and his friends to showcase both The Beauty of Blend and Tullamore D.E.W.’s distinctly Irish True Character.

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